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myfavoriteface's Journal

Take off your clothes, I want you!
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community you must be accepted into. We will tell you if you're hot...or if you're not. So use discretion.

Rules for posting:
1. Please post working pictures. None of this "too much bandwidth used up" shit. We want at least 3 pictures of any applying member to get a good look at you.

2. NO FAKES. We know that none of you are models, if you were, you wouldn't be sitting on LJ all day. However, we get quite a lot of ass, so we know we're hot. However, we can tell, through your IP address, whether or not you are ;). So don't give us pictures of Giselle's little sister, OK?

3. Body shots are encouraged...No nudity, but PG13 is fine. We don't shun whores. Girls, show us your cleavage. Boys, if you have cleavage, watch out. We will make you cry.

4. We have stamps here. There are several different stamps because there are several different types of people. If you are not accepted, please remove yourself before we have to ban your ass.

5. Please don't come running back after you're banned. This is for fun. We're obviously bitches.

6. Artsy is one thing. Photoshop geek is another. Cam psycho is yet another. We don't care how much fun you have playing with your loop effects or pouting at your cam.

Cheers, happy posting!